In 2018, Bramley Associates undertook a beaver survey of the Greater Stour valley, from Ashford to Sandwich Bay. The results showed that beavers are widespread, and that overall, beavers in Kent are the second most widely distributed population in England.
'It will be interesting to have beavers back in the UK after 100’s of years without them. There is no doubt that beavers have returned to a city in Kent that they last occupied in the 5th Century when Canterbury was known by the Old English name Cantwareburhrs.'
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Bramley, J., Parfitt, O., Armstrong, J., Bramley, O., Bramley, A. and Rodgers, D. 2018. A 2018 Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) survey in Kent. Bramley Associates, Manager’s House, Ratling Court Farm, Ratling Road, Aylesham, Kent CT3 3HN.

Beaver Survey of the Greater Stour Valley