Freshwater Services

Bramley Associates have carried out extensive water vole, otter and great crested newt surveys for many of the Statutory and NGO organisations across the SE.

We can offer habitat management and undertake mitigation work for these species and others, including water shrew, Eurasian beaver & harvest mouse.

We undertook the first ever Kent water shrew survey, regularly give presentations and run training courses in the ecology and survey of riparian mammals and amphibians.

We have a wide experience in aquatic invertebrate and aquatic plant identification and ecology; for which we run training courses.

Pond & River Surveys

We offer a range of survey procedures from simple invertebrate surveys to more rigorous and extensive survey techniques, including multivariate analysis, such as RIVPACS.

We are qualified to undertake River Habitat Surveys and Pond Monitoring Surveys, including surveys for the depressed river mussel, native white clawed crayfish and eDNA analysis for great crested newts.

We also offer a range of water and sediment analysis. In conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University, we are able to offer water quality analysis for a suite of physicochemical parameters.

Otter, Beaver & Water Vole Surveys

Bramley Associates have substantial experience in undertaking otter, beaver and water vole surveys across Southern England and are NE Licenced for all three species.

We have undertaken significant surveys for these species across the whole of the Lower Stour Valley, North Kent Marshes and Pevensey Levels, as well as the River Medway, Stour, Ouse and Western Rother.

We have undertaken mitigation works and provided mitigation advice for all three species at a number of sites, particularly in Kent and East Sussex. We have recently produced a Field Guide for Beaver Signs Recorded in SE England and other areas that are dominated by low lying grass and arable land.

If you do see a dead beaver in Southern England, do please contact us. We are licenced to collect beavers and these animals are sent for analysis.