Marine Services

We have an experienced team of marine surveyors that have excellent invertebrate and algal identification skills. We can offer a variety of inter-tidal survey types, such as line transect, ACE, corer sampling and biotope mapping. In conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University, we are able to offer water quality analysis for a suite of physicochemical parameters.

Intertidal & Estuary Surveys

Staff at Bramley Associates have extensive experience with undertaking intertidal and estuarine surveys. We were commissioned by Kent Wildlife Trust to initiate and run the very successful intertidal monitoring programme Shoresearch in Kent.

We work with a number of marine and estuary-based businesses, undertaking regular monitoring of several intertidal areas around Kent. We can offer invertebrate and algal surveying and a suite of physicochemical analysis, including heavy metal analysis.

Seal & Cetacean Surveying

Bramley Associates have been recording seal and cetacean activity around Kent since 1999 and we run an annual training day in species identification and ecology for both groups. We obtained funds to run the first ever survey of seal haul out sites around Kent in 2004. This work continues and has been extended to include cetaceans.

We undertake aerial, boat and shore-based surveys for seals and/or cetaceans and give advice on the activity of these animals around the coastline of SE England. We are JNCC trained Marine Mammal Observers.

SCUBA Surveys

Bramley Associates is a registered Diving Contractor with the Health and Safety Executive. Two of our staff are registered Seasearch tutors with the Marine Conservation Society and we offer SCUBA diving marine wildlife surveys down to 50m depth.

We have undertaken a number of sub-tidal surveys using SCUBA and we were commissioned by English Nature to initiate and run the sub-tidal monitoring programme Seasearch in Kent.

We can undertake projects with our own diving team or participate in larger projects by supplying up to 4 divers of HSE Scuba Diver/CMAS 3* or above qualification.